Cloud service

We will provide the real value of the cloud to customers with appropriate structure of each specialized engineer.

With years of experience in building and operating with AWS, we confidently propose and build the most appropriate and optimized environment for customers
We support the utilization of AWS which can meet all customer’s demands such as required global system for availability, core system of robust and secure infrastructure, temporary site for expansion campaign plan.

Cloud service

We provide the most appropriate proposal from designing to operation management of a system by our AWS experts consisting of operation application systems engineer, the database engineer, and a system management engineer.

AWS introduction support service

Our company have many achievements and experience in developing new systems with full support of deployment on AWS.
About the deployment plan, we propose the appropriate solution based on customer’s requirements.
We also accept proposal consulting for the operation and maintenance service after introduction.

AWS migration support service

We have experts in AWS so that we can consistently provide services from designing to operating to transiting to AWS.
We consistently support to eliminate the concerns of your AWS migration.

AWS Maintenance and Monitoring Service

Our company can delegate the trouble of customer’s operation by substituting our system to the system built on AWS.
We support the correspondence at the time that an obstacle, daily backup management, the update work of middleware, etc. are done.
We will also monitor, respond in case of failure, daily backup management, updating middleware.
In addition, we provide a system to accept inquiries from your company on AWS and inquiries about design regarding composition.

Development and test service on AWS

With various achievements and experience in mobile application development and web site development on AWS, we have confidence in cost reduction and development speed with our proposal.
We will ensure the quality of cloud-based application and migration project with AWS test service.
We can improve test productivity in spite of the system in use applied by Cloud or on-premises.

Cloud service case study

We will provide the real value of the cloud to customers with appropriate structure of each specialized engineer.