New graduate recruiting information

The person image for which it asks ◎Education history: Information-oriented university graduate
◎Enjoy code and write code with fun
Besides, people like the following are welcome too, please PR actively
◎Those who challenge an always new thing and can enjoy change
◎Those who want to have full knowledge of the business custom between both countries, such as not only the skill of IT but a language, and culture (Vietnam and Japan)
In-company system ・Transportation-expenses total amount provision (maximum of 20,000 yen/month)
・House allowance half-the-sum provision (maximum of 30,000 yen/month)
・Family allowance : it is the /moon (a spouse and a child) per 10,000 yen/one person.
・Overtime allowance : yes
・Evaluation system : 2 times per year
・Team building support system
They are [ entrance 2 year ] Japan and the 1-time [ per year ], and Vietnam round trip airline ticket provision (fixation: 50,000 yen).
Company trip (1 time per year)
Educational system ・Six-month training (OJT training)
・Various onerous training / seminar participation
(The seminar etc. which are related to the training and technology which are related to business are performed every month.)
・Authorization qualification acquisition support system
(It is a system which supplies with a reward the employee who acquired qualification.)
・Ask a wise man.
(The professional of a field is invited that much and the lecture is held periodically.)
・In-company study meeting
In-company event ・A year-end party or a New Year’s party
・In addition to this
Various gatherings, such as cherry blossom viewing and a barbecue, are planned.
There are a futsal convention in VietIS Japan, etc.
Office hours 10:00~19:00
※Standard-labor-time 8 hours
Assumption salary Salary:1,900 million JPY ~ 2,300 million JPY
Rise in pay : 1 time (December) per year
※The evaluation system which sets up a target annually and evaluates the degree of achievement and in which it makes 昇降給 reflect the result
Bonus: Performance linkage bonus (December)
Assumption salary Perfect five-day work week (Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation)
Year-ends-and-New-Year-holidays vacation
Annual paid holidays (after three-month continuous service)
Summer vacation
Congratulations-and-condolences vacation
Place of business Kanto
Interview flow ・Carry out in the interview (1~3 times) head office。
・Distant one is also preparing the Skype interview.Please give me application form looking for details
※It is like abbreviation 3 week ~ 1 month from selection of candidates by paper examination to private decision.
Address-for-submissions information VietIS Japan Co., Ltd
Address : 3rd Floor, A・Z Cube Building, No. 2 9th Koraku-ku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
FAX: 03-6261-5637
One’s post: Adoption and a career development program department