Web application development

It adheres to UI/UX and builds the high Web system of quality efficiently for a short period of time


We was allowed to take charge of real estate-related service development.
By offering UI kind to the user whose search service of the target of a project is substantial, the optimal service for a visitor was able to be sent using the newest technology (PHP Laravel, HTML5).
We have obtained the requirements for a visitor and was allowed to take charge from basic design to test.
Development organization became a project base, and according to the form where it cooperates with the project manager of Japan, and the member of Vietnam directly, communication cost, a lack of understanding of specification, etc. were avoided, and it became and accomplished the good result.

Development form: Project base

No Item Explanation Remarks
Laboratory number Ten persons
Development period Six months
Development Model Water fall
In charge phase Basic design

Member composition

No Item Charge Role
Japan side Product owner Requirement definition
Vietnam side Project manager Whole project management – Basic design
Developer Development and a test
Designer Material creation