We will provide the real value of the cloud to customers with appropriate structure of each specialized engineer.


Cloud is one of the spread technology these days.
We catch the Cloud era and are doing our best in it, aiming at the consulting company of not only introducing but also the Cloud solution.
There are many development track records with the Japanese Cloud company.
Or an in-company project is developed by Cloud and there is the purpose of development by Cloud about all the projects of VTI Japan.
VTI Timesheet is a Web site application called the support which manages employee management of VTI Japan, working hours, overtime, etc.
An API server is developed by AWS EC2 and Auto Scaling of an AWS ecosystem, Load Balancing service, etc. can use the cross platform of Android and iOS easily.
Since web client applies the SPA technology saved AWS S3, it can perform easy and risk-free disposition work.

The target of a matter

  • Optimal development of system with AWS
  • Supporting cross-platform development with API, easy development
  • The system is highly secure, used internally

Cloud service case study

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