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The target of a matter

・Development using advanced technology
・Since usability is the top priority, we received requests from customers of HOS media series of iOS, and handled Q & A service for scratch development. We developed it with an offshore system of 8 members (4 iOS, 4 Android) and 1 bridge engineer. It is the first Swift and Materia design adaptation project among companies that we initially got involved with. Considering with the customer from the requirement definition, we are in charge of basic design, detailed design, development and operation. Human Interface, Android Material Design thoroughly introduced
・First release in 3 months
・Developed by Scrum

No Item Explanation Remarks
Laboratory number 9 Persons One bridge engineer
Development period 9 months
Development form Scrum
In charge phase Requirement definition
Basic design
Maintenance development

Member composition

No Charge Role Remarks
Japan side Product owner Requirement definition
Bridge engineer A basic design, specification transfer, development, a test
Vietnam side Project manager Whole project management – Basic design
Developer Development / test deploy
Designer Material creation

Mobile case study

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