It adheres to UI/UX and builds the high Web system of quality efficiently for a short period of time


We was allowed to take charge of real estate-related service development.
By offering UI kind to the user whose search service of the target of a project is substantial, the optimal service for a visitor was able to be sent using the newest technology (PHP Laravel, HTML5).
We have obtained the requirements for a visitor and was allowed to take charge from basic design to test.
Development organization became a project base, and according to the form where it cooperates with the project manager of Japan, and the member of Vietnam directly, communication cost, a lack of understanding of specification, etc. were avoided, and it became and accomplished the good result.

Development form: Project base

No Item Explanation Remarks
Laboratory number 10 persons
Development period 6 months
Development form Water fall
In charge phase Basic design

Member composition

No Item Charge Role
Japan side Product owner Requirement definition
Vietnam side Project manager Whole project management – Basic design
Developer Development and a test
Designer Material creation

Web service case study

Consultation on development · Estimate